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Water Damage Goshen Kentucky

Goshen, KY Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Removal

Serving the areas around  Louisville, Lexington, Madisonville, Danville, Campbellsville, Henderson, Frankfort, and Owensboro Indiana. Emrick Services should be your choice for Kentucky water damage restoration.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Associated Services in Goshen, Kentucky

Shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial buildings all face similar risks from water damage. Aside from the physical damage to the structure and risk for long-term effects, there’s also the potential interruption of service. Industrial and municipal facilities often can barely afford to shut down for a complete water damage remediation process. Using an advanced team of Goshen Kentucky water damage experts is the key to immediate response. Emrick Services should be your first choice for the largest and most complex water damage restoration projects. From the emergency boardup process to the Certificate of Occupancy  from the local code enforcement office, we can help with it all.

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Restoration and Remediation

Water damage isn’t something a business or homeowner can handle on their own. Even small-scale pipe leaks, sewage overflow, and flooding can lead to serious structural problems if ignored.


Attempting to dry out materials like carpet, insulation, wallboards, and wood framing on your own will only result in mold growth and rot over time. It’s not enough to simply get all of the water out of the structure. Sanitization and disinfection are also essential to ensure that any lingering bacteria, viruses, or mold are eliminated.

Water Damage Restoration & Water Clean up In Goshen

Not all forms of severe water damage come from storms or floods occurring outside of the home. Internal water damage can also be catastrophic, causing widespread damage before you even know something is wrong. Internal sources of water damage are far more common than flooding or storms. Don’t let a leaking pipe or clogged toilet lead to long-term damage to your home or business. Learn about the many causes of catastrophic water damage and how to deal with restoration the right way with help from our team at Emrick Environmental Services.

What Types of Water Damage Services Do We Provide In Goshen, Kentucky

Almost all water damage comes as a shock. Whether it’s a slow, steady, years-long leak or a sudden overnight flood, this kind of restoration is generally needed as quickly as possible to stop any further damage. Sources for water damage vary, depending on whether the facility is a residential or commercial building.

Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Goshen Residential Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Leaking plumbing and sewage backups are two of the most common sources of water damage in the residential setting. Frozen pipes are the top source of leaking pipes and water issues in cold climates.

Though sewage needs more advanced remediation and cleanup due to the bacterial and viral risks of the material, even clean water supplies can create further remediation demands by setting off mold growth.

Basement and crawlspace flooding is another regular issue in many homes. Clogged toilets, tubs, and sinks lead to overflows, soaking floors as heavily as flooding can. Finally, leaking roofs are a major problem in homes that don’t receive enough maintenance or are affected by storm damage.

Goshen Commercial Water Damage Services

Commercial buildings have nearly all of the same water damage sources as residential structures, but they also have unique risks from the equipment stored inside. Anything from a boiler to a fire suppression sprinkler system can leak hundreds of gallons of water per hour, resulting in serious and widespread water damage.

Guests and employees that damage bathroom or industrial plumbing equipment can leave the facility badly damaged. Irrigation systems in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities also lead to similar water damage risks. Finally, industrial A/C units installed on the roof of a commercial building can leak surprising amounts of condensate water down through the roof.

Emrick Services Is Happy to Work With Insurance Companies

Dealing with water damage is stressful enough, even without the extra work of filing an insurance claim makes the process even harder. Without compensation for what’s rightfully covered by your policy, it’s often impossible to cover all the costs of professional water damage remediation. Choose Emrick Services for help in this stage of recovery as well.


Our extensive documentation of all damaged contents of a water damaged structure makes insurance claim filing as painless as possible. We’ll work directly with your insurance representatives to streamline the claim. You can focus on making decisions and recovering what’s still salvageable rather than dealing with so much paperwork.


Don’t let your home or business in the Goshen, KY, area go without the water damage remediation it needs. From clogged storm drains to sewage backup, there are hundreds of ways for a building to become saturated with water.


If you discover water, mold will follow soon after. Emrick Services offers mold removal and more to complement our water cleanup services.

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