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Trusted Fire Damage Restoration & Repair Services For Kentucky

Fire Damage Restoration in Louisville

Why turn to Emrick Services for fire damage repair, remediation, restoration, and cleanup?

We offer all of the following:

Our services often start with water damage cleanup because water is almost always applied to control the fire. If water isn’t used, foams and spray residues usually cover every surface and need thorough cleaning. After any water or fire suppressants are cleaned away, the team can move onto the combination of fire and smoke mitigation.


Dealing with charred and soot-covered materials is a major task, and it’s not a safe job for a homeowner or business owner to tackle. Since insurance companies are generally involved in this process, choose a team that coordinates with your provider for a seamless approach to restoration. Our Kentucky customers know we’re the team to trust after fire damage affects part or all of their property.

Sentimental Value and How It Affects Fire Restoration Decisions

In addition to tracking the financial value of the belongings destroyed or damaged by the fire, it’s important to consider sentimental value. Though it may be more expensive to restore than to replace damaged items and furnishings, restoration may be worth it for heirlooms, family photos, electronics with important data, and other special items. Emrick Services is happy to recommend recovery versus replacement for everything we recover during the contents packout process.

Why Fire Restoration Requires a Complete Approach to Remediation and Recovery

Fire restoration isn’t a standalone process in most cases. When the fire has been doused, the need for water restoration enters the picture. Mold usually develops within 24 to 48 hours of water application. Without a sprinkler system or the spray from a firehose, the fire damage is far worse. Any fire treated with a chemical suppressant will need extra cleaning and sanitization to avoid mold growth later. Mold removal is usually needed immediately if water was used to suppress the fire. Choose a contractor capable of handling all of these services and more. Here at Emrick Services, our experience in all types of deep cleaning and restoration allow us to approach fire remediation with a full set of necessary skills. There’s no need to turn to outside contractors or juggle the work of multiple service providers when you choose us.

Custom Answers for Fire Remediation Questions

We understand that property owners are often unsure what to try and replace and salvage with restoration. Our team can easily answer questions about:

Emrick Services and the Fire Restoration Process

This a step-by-step explanation of the fire restoration process.

1. Closure of the Structure

Securing the property with isolation curtains, boards, locks, and reinforcement prevents unauthorized access and issues like vandalism.

2. Contents Pack Out and Documentation

Each item still inside the home after a fire must be evaluated, removed, and either cleaned and stored or disposed of safely. We’ll help you make decisions about the contents after the fire by providing clear documentation to both you and your insurance company. Whatever you plan to restore or keep, we’ll clean and securely store it.

3. Dry Out and Demolition

This is the first practical cleanup stage. Ruined materials are removed with careful demolition, while anything that will be kept is dried out from residual water.

4. Mold and Hazards Inspection

Mold, asbestos, lingering chemical fire suppressants, and more can all cause health problems if they remain after a fire. The next step is a complete hazard inspection and cleanup of any related issues.

5. Soot, Smoke, and Odors

Any perceptible odor left behind by residual smoke and soot poses a long-term safety risk for occupants.

6. Restoration and Structural Inspections

Fire damage restoration involves many steps, but we’ll do everything we can to get the building back to its condition before the fire. Structural inspections during restoration and demolition help reveal hidden structural issues.

7. Certificate of Occupancy

Once the restoration is complete on all levels, it’s time to obtain the occupancy permit from your local government. We work with counties throughout Kentucky to ensure that all inspections and permits are secured as quickly as possible so you can get back to your regular routine.

Emrick Services has the fire restoration services you need around Louisville, KY. Whether you’re in Bowling Green, Carrollton, Frankfort, Fairfield, or Bardstown, call us at (502) 876-1891 for 24/7 service.