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Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

There’s no need to live with yesterday’s bathroom designs or a kitchen that’s seen better days. Professional bath and kitchen remodeling services decoratively and functionally update these vital home spaces. Whether you’re hoping to sell your Kentucky home soon or simply want to enjoy it more for years to come, choose Emrick Services to handle the hard work.


We make the remodeling process easy and nondisruptive for homeowners. Refresh your shower or install the countertops of your dreams with remodeling services that bring a new style to the most important rooms in the house.

Why Remodel the Kitchen or Bathroom?

The kitchen is the core of the home. It will begin to show age and wear without regular updates and repairs. Even in homes where only a few meals are cooked per week, a kitchen can only last so long before it needs a full rebuild. The bathroom is similar in many ways. Thanks to the high levels of moisture in the room, most materials break down faster than in any other part of the home. Even proper design and installation can only keep a bathroom in good shape for a time.


When you start to feel that your bathroom or kitchen looks dated, it’s time to plan a remodel. You may also decide to seek improvements to boost your home’s value, prepare for a growing family, or deal with specific forms of damage. Water damage, for example, is common in the bathroom, while fire damage is typical in the kitchen. Finally, some remodeling is more functional. If you have an older family member moving in or are aging yourself, you may want to make these rooms more accessible by applying aging-in-place principles to the remodel.

The Latest Trends in Remodeling

If you’ve ever dreamed of enjoying the spa experience at home, you’re not alone. Luxurious bathrooms with spa-like features are a hot trend in bathroom remodeling today. On a practical level, safety features and easy cleaning also dominate the choices made by homeowners. In the kitchen, multifunctional designs are driving many remodeling requests. Open floorplans that connect dining areas, home offices, and kitchen spaces are more popular than ever. High-end ranges and other appliance upgrades require more than just delivery but also tend to demand new countertops and cabinets to match. Don’t forget about flooring and backsplash changes as well.

What Remodeling Is Common in the Bathroom?

The tub and shower are often replaced about every ten years in the bathroom. These fixtures see a lot of use and experience water damage over time, and they also tend to go out of style. Without an updated shower enclosure or high-end tub, the bathroom may look dated no matter what else is changed. Following the bathing area, the flooring is the next most common part of the bathroom to get remodeled. Changing to tile, vinyl, or a water-resistant laminate can give the room a facelift in a hurry. If there are any mildew issues on the walls and ceiling, we can increase ventilation with a new exhaust fan and paint the surfaces after treating them. Consider a new vanity, larger mirrors, better lighting, and even a brand new toilet for a bath remodel you’ll love.

What Remodeling Is Common for the Kitchen?

The kitchen often needs practical appliance and fixture upgrades at least once every 20 years. Other surfaces and materials don’t last as long, with countertops and flooring needing replacement every five to 10 years in most kitchens. While you may have chosen a certain material years ago in the hopes of enjoying it for decades, you might find that it no longer appeals to your sense of style. Doing a full kitchen rebuild from top to bottom is the best way to achieve a cohesive look that meets your current needs. If nothing else, invest in new cabinet faces to give the room a visible improvement. Let us guide you to the right kitchen and bath remodeling services. Contact us at Emrick Services today to discover your options for boosting your home’s value and getting the look you want.