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Mold Removal Services Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Mold Remediation

When water damage is left unresolved for far too long, it becomes a home for something more dangerous: mold. It may look like a bunch of harmless spots on the ceiling or wall, but the invisible spores they release into the indoor air can make anyone ill when inhaled. Effects of mold damage include but aren’t limited to asthma, skin irritation, and aggravating existing illnesses.

Never attempt to remove mold without the proper equipment, especially if the growth is out of control. Instead, reach out to professional mold inspection and removal Louisville residents trust, such as Emrick Services. Schedule a consultation with our mold remediation company today.

How to Identify Mold in Louisville Homes

The latest statistics show that between 50% and 70% of all homes in the U.S. contain some form of mold growth. Worse, most of these cases don’t follow a major natural disaster like flooding. Something as deceptively minor as a leaky pipe can accumulate enough moisture to create suitable conditions for mold to thrive.

The mold family is extensive and has hundreds of known species. That said, only a handful are commonly found growing in houses.


Comprising more than 200 species, this type of mold often comes in grey or dark and can be a burden for people with asthma.


Identifiable by its green or brown hue and suede-like appearance, this type of mold can be mainly found in fabrics like carpets.


Known to have destroyed billions of dollars in crops, this type of mold appears in red or white and is among the more perilous growths.


Defined by its dark hue and prevalent in warm climates, this type of mold can grow just about anywhere from drywall to HVAC system.


Also called dry rot fungus, this type of mold poses a risk to wooden homes. Worse, it can thrive in spots with little water or excessive moisture.


Infamously known as “black mold,” this type of mold releases volatile organic compounds into the air when disturbed, making it dangerous.

Without a proper mold test, the only way to be sure of mold growth is when a person gets a skin irritation or feels their health worsening for seemingly no reason. If you’re unsure of what’s on the ceiling or wall surface, it’s a good idea to call a service that provides quality mold remediation services Louisville homes rely on. Better to be safe now than sorry later.

Effective Mold Remediation Techniques in Louisville

Mold is like asbestos. It might not seem like a safety risk at first sight, but over time or when disturbed, it’ll release stuff that has no business being in your lungs. Mold should be dealt with upon being sighted, all while making sure it doesn’t spread further.

Emrick Services’ mold remediation process Louisville KY property owners depend on begins with extensive lab mold testing. Apart from retrieving and testing samples, we also map out the area around the mold growth via moisture mapping and infrared cameras. This way, we can see the root of the problem and devise ways to remedy it.

Once mold growth is confirmed, we draft a remediation plan and set a date for executing it. Our mold remediation team wears personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling such jobs. We also take extra safety measures before, during, and after the professional mold removal process to keep you, our staff, and the immediate area safe.

Isolating the Work Area

To reduce the risk of mold spreading to other parts of the house, we contain the affected area in protective plastic sheeting.

HEPA Exchange

Despite the work area being isolated, we set up air exchange equipment with HEPA filters to effectively capture mold spores.

Repair Work

Preventing further water damage is key to stopping future mold growth. Our team also specializes in post-cleaning repair work.

Removing Tainted Items

We store mold-infested items or parts of the surface in double plastic bags and dispose of them according to safety guidelines.

Deep Cleaning

We treat the mold with deep cleaning chemicals, remove them with a heavy-duty scrubber, and rinse the area with water.

Post-Work Assessment

Our team will return to the site weeks following mold treatment and remediation to determine if our work has prevented further mold growth.

Effective Professional Mold Removal Service Louisville KY Homeowners Trust

Getting rid of mold is more complicated than you might think. It isn’t just about removing it but also ensuring it can’t thrive anywhere else in the neighborhood. Select Emrick Services for safe, effective mold remediation service in Louisville and nearby areas today.