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Mold Removal Services Louisville Kentucky

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Louisville Kentucky

Whether you’re in Danville or Louisville, Lexington or Smith Mills, we’re the place to turn to for handling mold issues. Mold removal and remediation is a task for the professionals. Homeowners and business owners put themselves at risk for serious health issues if they choose to ignore the problem or try to solve it themselves.

The treatments and equipment available to consumers today simply can’t compare to professional mold removal services. From advanced training to the latest cutting-edge technology, Emrick Services offers the most effective mold remediation methods in all of Kentucky.

Because mold always exists outside of buildings, there’s always a chance of it growing indoors as well. When the mold growth from outdoors settles indoors, the constant exposure to spores circulating in the air tends to exacerbate any allergy symptoms experienced by the residents. Long-term exposure to certain types of mold can lead to serious and even life-threatening conditions.

Maintaining a mold-free home or business is more challenging than you might assume. It only takes a little too much moisture from a leaking pipe or a humid bathroom without a fan to trigger mold growth inside. Flooding is particularly prone to setting off widespread and hidden mold growth that requires comprehensive remediation. These projects must start with water damage cleanup first to deal with the moisture that’s causing mold growth.

What Types of Mold Are Common in KY Homes?

Fire damage recovery isn’t the only time it’s important to check the walls and other surfaces of a home. Mold can grow almost anywhere moisture is present, from underneath flooring materials like carpet or vinyl to inside the insulation hidden in wall cavities. Some of the most common and hazardous types of mold that appear in Kentucky homes include:

Every home or business likely has multiple areas that are prone to mold development. Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most common areas to grow mold due to the combination of plumbing that can leak and high humidity in the air. Following those two rooms, basements and crawlspaces come in second because they’re home to plumbing elements like exposed pipes and water heaters.


Attics also tend to develop extensive mold growth if there’s a roof leak that goes undetected for too long. Damp insulation is simply too good of a habitat for many species. Finally, any wall cavity can develop a secret cache of mold if there’s a pipe running through it or it’s connected to the attic space for a roof leak.

How to Handle Mold Removal and Restoration in KY

Because prolonged exposure to mold can cause health issues like allergies, respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal complaints, it’s a problem that requires immediate treatment. Odors, flooding or dampness, colors, and allergy issues can all indicate hidden mold somewhere in the structure. These indicators, however, are only a start. Extensive mold testing with infrared cameras and moisture mapping techniques determine exactly where the problems lie and how far they have spread.


After receiving the lab results to identify which mold species we’re up against, we’ll detail a comprehensive plan for mold removal and treatment. We may recommend our water damage recovery services if there is still a moisture problem feeding mold growth. Without water remediation, the mold will simply return within months or even years after the treatment.


Choose a team that can handle all types of cleaning and remediation services for a full-service approach to mold removal. Emrick Services is your partner for any mold removal and restoration needs here in the heart of Kentucky.