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The Biggest Culprits of Water Damage in Your Home or Business

The Biggest Culprits of Water Damage in Your Home or Business

As humans, we rely heavily on water for our daily routine, and it is impossible to imagine if we didn’t have access to water. However, water is quite a mighty force, especially if it floods your home or causes significant damage to your property and furniture. This is why water damage is ranked among the top disasters that can plague your home or office.

It can destroy and discolor walls, make floors uneven, cause the infestation of mold, and can also cause your precious furniture to rot and become useless. If not addressed in time, water damage also has the potential to weaken the foundations of your home or office.

Common Causes of Water Damage in the Home or Business

Here are some of the most common causes of water damage that you may face:

1. Extreme Weather

One of the biggest causes of water damage in your home or business is natural disasters like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even floods. In such conditions, very strong winds and a barrage of water from the skies and the seas can weaken the roof of your property and cause water to pour inside and damage the walls, fixtures, devices, furniture, and everything it can find.

2. Clogged Gutters

Residential and commercial properties have gutter systems that are responsible for directing the flow of rainwater away from your roof and any other inlets from which water can seep inside your home. However, this system requires cleaning every few months and if it isn’t done, it will become clogged with leaves, branches, and all kinds of debris that would impair the flow of water.

As a result, the rainwater flows around the edges of the gutters and pools on the roof. Over time, it will weaken your roof and seep into your property, and the water that flows to the sides may damage the walls, doors, and windows.

3. Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common cause of water damage in homes and businesses, particularly if the leakage occurs in pipes that are concealed inside the walls or above the false ceiling. Since it isn’t visible, you can’t detect the leakage instantly and, by the time you find out about it, it will have caused significant damage to the roof and walls.

Apart from this, a broken pipe can cause even more destruction for your property, as it would allow a lot of water to escape and flood your walls and flooring, destroying them by the time you turn off the water supply. Moreover, the water damage also brings with it massive growth and infestation of mold, which can quickly decompose your walls and flooring.

4. Cracked Washing Machine Pipes

The washing machine inside your home has water supply lines that have high water pressure and a constant supply of water. In most cases, these pipes are made from rubber or PVC material, which may develop cracks or leaks due to the constant pressure. If there is a huge leak, the flowing water can fill up your laundry room.

5. Blocked Drains

The drains in your home’s or office’s kitchen and bathroom have a lot of responsibility, but they can easily get clogged by grease, dirt, and other debris. These things can get stuck inside the drain pipe and once it is blocked completely, the drain water will have no place to go. Therefore, the pipes will either return water to your sink or tub, or they will burst due to the pressure, causing significant water damage.

6. Leaking Water Heaters

Many people have water heaters in their homes or offices that have been installed and used for a very long time. Since they keep working properly, nobody bothers to check them from time to time, and these appliances start developing leaks as they get older. The pipes in your water heater can break due to the constant pressure of hot water inside it, and even if there is a small leak, the water can seep through and flow to the floor or the surrounding walls, which will deteriorate over time.

How to Detect Water Damage in Your Home or Business?

Here are a few tips to curb the water damage before it spreads:

Prevent Water Damage with Emrick

There you have it — some of the biggest culprits of water damage in your home or business. If you are worried about keeping your property safe from these culprits, we can help. Our experts can actually help you save thousands of dollars on repairs caused by water damage, and you can also prolong the life and strength of your property. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

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